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Title Introduction to Asia Carbon Footprint Network(ACFN)
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Introduction to Asia Carbon Footprint Network(ACFN)
- KEITI’s International cooperation activity -

■ What is ACFN?
Asia Carbon Footprint Network(ACFN), launched in 2013, is the first regional network in the world, addressing climate impact of products and value chains. As a voluntary network, ACFN members consist of 9 countries like the following table.

■ ACFN organize its work with three big goals:
1. Supporting dialogue and expanding scientific base on carbon footprints: fostering cooperation and information exchange, and serving as the platform for promoting carbon footprint programmes
2. Promoting awareness and capacity: enhancing the use and availability of information related to carbon footprint and the relevant labels, identifying capacity gaps and facilitating knowledge exchange among members
3. Servicing as the information platform for Product Carbon Footprint among other relevant organizations and networks.

■ History
United Nations ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office (UNESCAP-ENEA) and Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI) have jointly facilitated dialogues through seminar and workshop among agencies and experts in East Asia on carbon footprint programmes and potential areas of cooperation since 2011.
In particular, the workshop on Carbon Footprint Partnership in 2012 was a big momentum that national institutions and experts in East Asia made a decision to launch a new initiative, the Asia Carbon Footprint Network.
During the International Conference on Sustainable Consumption and Production which was held in Seoul on 30 October 2013, the ACFN was officially launched. On the following day, the first Network meeting was held and the ACFN members discussed and decided specific programme areas and operational modality of the Network. The meeting successfully adopted the Terms of Reference and set up its secretariats and steering committee.

Since October 2013, ACFN seminar and conference have been held.

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