Copyright Policy

The purpose of this policy is to prevent any damages incurred by the use of the information provided by the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI), through unauthorized use, modification, or commercial purposes.

  1. All materials provided by this website are copyrighted materials protected under the Copyright Act. Unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is punishable by law and may be prosecuted as a violation of right, unlawful issuance of information, or violation of proper citation (etc.) pursuant to Articles 136, 137, and 138 of the Copyright Act.

    However, select copyrighted materials are free for public use and bear a label reading “public copyrighted material, authorized for public use (Korea Open Government License, (KOGL). ” When using copyrighted materials, check to ensure that the material bears the KOGL label, and properly cite the copyrighted material in full detail as your source.

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  2. This website also includes material for which KEITI does not own full copyrights. This includes materials provided free of charge by individuals, institutes, organizations, etc. who wish to participate in the website’s mission based on their interests, passions and/or environmental conservation activities. These materials may only be used with the expressed permission of the individual copyright holder.

    If you are interested in referencing or using materials that do not bear the KOGL label, please consult with the appropriate provider to receive approval.

  3. When linking copyrighted materials from the KEITI website to another website, the aforementioned Internet copyright policies do not apply; however, the direct KEITI link must be provided along with a link to KEITI’s Internet copyright policies.
  4. Please be aware that for materials opened through the KEITI website for which KEITI does not own full copyrights (materials for which copyrights are shared with other copyright holders, etc.), the user accepts all risks of copyright violations. The unauthorized change, reproduction, distribution, and/or adaptation (etc.) of these materials is strictly prohibited. Please be advised that any violations are subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. In keeping with the laws and statutes summarized above, the Ministry of Environment will continue to do its best to ensure that all citizens can safely use the information related to the environment provided on this site.